Let us not deny; if you are running your MLM business online, sometimes you receive so many products and free software, which may muddle your mind. Because you’ve devoted a lot of time running your network marketing business, it’s obvious that you want the software and tools to fully automate the MLM process. We never get tired of saying that relying on the network marketing software such as Board plan mlm software stands as a great way for helping your business grow.

In board plan mlm a group of affiliates work together in a team known as a board. A certain number of affiliates can join in any particular board. Further the particular board divides into two sub-trees and the top affiliate acquires some amount of incentive and the affiliate is promoted into the next higher board.

Within this cms mlm plan the board splits when it is full. To put simply; after completion of first board, the members enters into the second board and remains there.

Here are the main features of the Board plan mlm software

  • Auto spitting of the boards
  • Integration of the Unlimited Board Income
  • Recycling the entry structure into a board
  • Auto promotion to the higher board
  • Cross matrix
  • Qualified report of the board list
  • Find the affiliates board

On the other hand; the mlm matrix plan is mainly a plan of 2*2, 3*3, 4*4. Each of the positions of the members in matrix plan is positioned sequentially from top to bottom and from left to right. Also; within this environment the members get their commissions on the level basis for a specific period of payout.

Here are the main benefits of mlm matrix plan

  • In customized matrix MLM plan, the compensation plan can easily be integrated
  • This plan is really easy to understand
  • The up line motivate the downline always in order to grow the network
  • The plan is flexible during which the MLM companies can extend the width of the Matrix tree as per the compensation plan.

Remember; in order to get the right MLM software for your business requirements, compare each software’s features and capabilities.

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